Free Set-up Guides

At The Amp Doctor, we are not just here to offer paid for services. We can also provide you with free and useful information such as our handy set-up guides and wiring diagrams which you can use to install your own equipment.

To give you a helping hand installing your equipment we have put together some easy to follow documents which you can download and print.

We are always adding to this section of the website, so if your particular make and model is not listed….it doesn’t mean we are not familiar with it, but just that it hasn’t been published yet.

Click any of the models/brands below to open a seperate PDF document.

Genesis Series 3 Manual - includes wiring diagrams for all current Series 3 model range.

Genesis Profile connection diagrams – opens a full list in a seperate page

More uploads coming soon….please be patient and check back again soon. Thank you.

If you are not confident to complete the installations yourself or would prefer expert advice contact us for a recommended installer in your area.

How we work and why you should choose us?

Going the extra mile to ensure a thorough repair is one of the many differences between The Amp Doctor and some other service organisations.

With over 20 years experience of reference amplifier design, engineering, construction and upgrades and a sterling reputation in the industry, our services are used by audio dealers and retail customers vary significantly depending on how and when it was caused.