D5000 common faults

I’ve grown to really like working on these amps. They are well designed and reliable when repaired properly. There are a few common faults that come up as shown below, but overall I feel it’s a well designed product.

Fried output coil, one of 7 strands has shorted and got hot enough to fry the insulation. This needs to be unwound and completely rewound with new wire. It’s a bit of a tedious job but satisfying when the amp works again.


Thermal pads on bottom plate, vibration has caused the coil from the previous pic to short onto the base. We add Kapton tape and new pads so it won’t short out in future.



Pic of a cap that’s been vibrated off the board. Yellow marking is from arcing where the broken lead was making then not making contact and arcing and is vapourised metal.



New caps vs old, we can even uprate them with new EPCOS parts.



Input socket vibrated to death, missing 5 of it’s 8 connections. 4 Shiny Neutrik sockets fastened to the front plate and wired with flexible leads sorts this out very nicely.




This endplate is from an SPLD D5 but you get the idea. I believe D5000 amps are definitely worth repairing so much so that we are happy to offer a 3 month fully comprehensive warranty on any we sort out.