Common fault on 1000/1′s sorted – May 2013

Insides of the venerable 1000/1 showing the main cap bank, the 8 shiny topped black bits. These are ‘SamYoung’ branded parts and after 5 plus years they are well past their best. Symptom is cutting out whenever the amp is cranked.




Original cap (black), bulging out the top like a Shoebury girl. New higher grade Cornell Dubilier part (blue) has better specs and shouldn’t need replacing again.




New parts fitted and bonded to the board. Typical power on one of these with the high grade cap bank is around 1150 – 1170 watts into 4, 3, 2 or 1.5 ohms at a current draw of 140 or so amps. We provide a 1 year fully comp warranty on these amps as the build quality is high.



Rocky T10001

Amp had a dead output, on these they are soldered 4 at a time onto a heat spreader. It’s possible to heat the spreader up and replace the outputs, as I’ve done on 30001′s before.



But it’s a lot easier to replace the old bank with a new factory fresh one. Bought a big box of Rockford parts from the previous service company and in there were several of the correct strips.



 Old strip removed and holes are in the process of being sucked clean of solder and leads. Main rail cap has a bulge like a teenagers shorts so will be replaced.





Mounting surface cleaned up, new thermal compound spread on it ready to fit the new module.



Module in place along with a brand new CDE cap, and another module replaced the same way. 1000w amp makes 1479 watts at 1 ohm. That’s the difference in buying a decent brand versus a cheap one. This amp will get a 12 month warranty as I know it will go the distance.