Genesis Project 15

 Our first P15 service

After replacing the red/blue LED’s under the tubes, new thermal gap filler was applied to the preamp board. This like many things in Essex is slightly tacky, and will stick to the baseplate when the board is back in position



NOS preamp tubes were fitted in place of the Russian parts fitted originally. These are tested for low noise and microphonics. These are pre-1971 production as the price on the box was in Shillings…


The high voltage supply in one channel was low, so some components were replaced to bring it back up to spec of 300 volts +/- 1 volt. All the other voltages were checked and were well within spec as was power and other specs.



Moody ‘night shot’ of the illumination on the laser etched top logo. These mostly get seen at brightly lit shows however look their best in adarkened boot. As well as sounding gorgeously smooth and detailed. Not that I’m biased you understand.


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