For Sale – Genesis Miniblock

Genesis Miniblock for sale

miniblockFully refurbished and serviced with the addition of SQ modifications, this second hand looks and sounds as if it has just left the factory and will even arrive in a brand new box with full test certificate and 12 month warranty.

The Genesis Miniblock is a scaled down version than the Monoblock with around half the power. Featuring the identical technology provides it with the same sound character and transparency as it’s big brother.

1 x 125W at 4 ohms / 1 x 500W at 1 ohm

Priced at just £425, contact us today to take advantage of this great offer!

For Sale – Genesis Monoblock

Genesis Series 3 Monoblock amplifier for sale.


monoblockPre-loved and looking for a new home, this second hand unit benefits from full Gold Service including SQ modifications, full casing repolish, new factory box and 12 month warranty.

Genesis Monoblock continues to set the standard for uncoloured and neutral amplification with seemingly limitless authority. Often used for subwoofers due to its unequalled speed and control, it also excels as a front stage amplifier when used in pairs.

1 x 250W at 4 ohms / 1 x 1000W at 1 ohm


Just £695 inc delivery

Option to upgrade to black anodised finished for  small additional cost.

Call today before someone beats you to it.

Stop start technology means new modifications required.

stop start


With stop/start engine technology becoming an ever more popular addition to new cars, we’ve got to thinking that we need to make some amplifier modifications so that just because your engine has stopped your music doesn’t have to.

This Genesis Profile 4 Ultra works down to 5.5 volts at the battery and remote terminals. Rail caps increased as the voltage dip is usually pretty brief, caps should hold the rails up so the amp doesn’t distort when the car starts.

If there’s a call for it we could draft up a circuit board to mod most SQ amps.

Let us know your thoughts.

Here’s what our customers have to say!

Ok so we may be blowing our own trumpet a little here, but we would be crazy not to shout about such fantastic feedback.

Here is a recent comment from one of our frequent customers Thompson based in Macclesfield.

 Amp Doctor – Well what can I say. I think the name pretty much gives it all. They really are Doctors in Car audio bringing dead amplifiers back to life giving them another chance in the world of Car electronics. Simply amazing quality work undertaken with care and detail in every aspect. Turnaround time is second to none and you don’t feel like you are waiting months on end without any equipment. I have used Amp doctor for nearly a year and to date could not fault a single piece of his work. All repairs have been done on time and 90% of them are well before I expected. Prices are exceptional considering the work he would put into it, one of the best companies to go to if you every need your dead amp alive again.
Big Thank you for the team at Amp Doctor – Great company, excellent service and quality of work.

Glad to see we are achieving our goal of keeping our customers completely satisfied.

See more comments from previous/current customers on our testimonials page.



More Phoenix Gold ZX Modifications

ZX had been in for cap upgrades a year back, then changed hands. New owner wants SQ tweaks which includes high bias. Previously we added individual heatsinks to the predrivers for this but it’s a fiddly job.



Skills learned in 4 years of Metalwork at High school have come in handy. Piece of ally bar cut and tapped to allow fastening to end drivers. Green goo is thermal gap filler which transfers heat and holds the bar in place.


Ally bar soaks up heat from predrivers and it’s then transferred to the cooling tunnel by thermal gap filler. Middle predrivers bonded to the bar and have thermal compound to ensure good heat transfer. This keeps them cool and the bias stable.


Usual underbiased distortion waveform that we see with ZX amps as they arrive with us. If the bias is turned up they can go into thermal runaway as the predrivers get warm, so the factory sets it low.



After optimisation, and the bias is now completely stable. That’s less than a tenth of the previous figure.




If I could get these anodised it would look totally stock. Even as it is, it doesn’t seem out of place. This is now better than new SQ wise, and should give many years of listening pleasure.



Common fault on 1000/1′s sorted – May 2013

Insides of the venerable 1000/1 showing the main cap bank, the 8 shiny topped black bits. These are ‘SamYoung’ branded parts and after 5 plus years they are well past their best. Symptom is cutting out whenever the amp is cranked.




Original cap (black), bulging out the top like a Shoebury girl. New higher grade Cornell Dubilier part (blue) has better specs and shouldn’t need replacing again.




New parts fitted and bonded to the board. Typical power on one of these with the high grade cap bank is around 1150 – 1170 watts into 4, 3, 2 or 1.5 ohms at a current draw of 140 or so amps. We provide a 1 year fully comp warranty on these amps as the build quality is high.