Common fault on 1000/1′s sorted – May 2013

Insides of the venerable 1000/1 showing the main cap bank, the 8 shiny topped black bits. These are ‘SamYoung’ branded parts and after 5 plus years they are well past their best. Symptom is cutting out whenever the amp is cranked.




Original cap (black), bulging out the top like a Shoebury girl. New higher grade Cornell Dubilier part (blue) has better specs and shouldn’t need replacing again.




New parts fitted and bonded to the board. Typical power on one of these with the high grade cap bank is around 1150 – 1170 watts into 4, 3, 2 or 1.5 ohms at a current draw of 140 or so amps. We provide a 1 year fully comp warranty on these amps as the build quality is high.



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