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The cost of repairing an amplifier varies according to the time required for the repair and testing, and which components need replacing.

It’s almost impossible to give an accurate quote for a repair without inspecting the amplifier to see how much work is involved. Unless it is a common fault.

When we have an amplifier on the bench we can determine actual repair times and component requirements and give you a quote that is ‘set in stone’.

If you go ahead with the repair then the price we quote is the price you will pay, not a penny more. If it takes twice as long as we thought that’s our problem, not yours.

If you feel that the amp isn’t worth repairing we won’t charge an inspection fee, we just ask that you cover the return courier cost. For the UK this is £10.50. (UK mainland only up to maximum weight of 20kg. Please contact us for all other prices)

This also applies if the amp is damaged beyond economic repair – unless you advise us to dispose of it.

Genesis Amplifiers

Due to the 2 & 1/2 decades of experience we have of repairing and servicing Genesis amplifiers, we can offer a fixed price menu structure which covers getting the amplifier working like new and looking as ‘nearly new’ as we can get it.

This includes repairing the fault, replacing any components nearing the end of their life, fitting any factory updates, a full test to original specification including a test
certificate, polishing the casing, packing the amp in a new factory box.

The pricing structure can be found below.


Models Bronze Silver Gold
Stereo 60, B40, SM60, SA30, Profile 2 £54.95 £69.95 £89.95
Stereo 100, SM100, SA50 £64.95 79.95 109.95
Dual Mono, Compact 4, Miniblock, DM200, DA110, Profile Sub, Profile 4, Profile 2 Ultra £69.95 89.95 129.95
Profile 4 Ultra, Profile 5 £79.95 99.95 149.95
Four Channel, Q240x £89.95 109.95 169.95
Five Channel, Monoblock, M250, Dual Mono Xtreme, Dual Mono Class A Profile Sub Ultra, P300x £99.95 129.95 189.95


Bronze: Repair faults, case clean, 6 month warranty, power certificate return 3-5 day courier
Silver: Full service including case buffing, new terminal housings, full test certificate 12 month warranty, next day courier
Gold: Full service and Audio optimisation, full factory test, casing polish and badge replating, 24 month warranty, UPS nextday.

These prices are relevant for any fault or problem providing:

  1. The circuit board hasn’t burned out. In these rare instances a new board will be quoted for separately.
  2. The amp isn’t mechanically damaged beyond repair, for example by a car crash or your ex wife smashing it with a hammer.

In these rare cases we will advise you of your options before commencing work on the amplifier.