Service Pricing

So you know exactly what you will pay for your service we offer fixed price servicing which includes replacement of any required components, testing with performance certificate and return shipping to any mainland UK address.

Listed below is our current service price guide based on the popular brands we receive, if your particular make and model is not listed please contact us for a quote or telephone 01702 41 61 81.


Bronze: Repair faults, case clean, 6 month warranty, power certificate return 3-5 day courier
Silver: Full service including case buffing, new terminal housings, full test certificate 12 month warranty, next day courier
Gold: Full service and Audio optimisation, full factory test, casing polish and badge replating, 24 month warranty, UPS next day courier

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Other brands





1 Phoenix Gold ZX250, ZX350, M25, M50


£129 95

2 Phoenix Gold ZX450, ZX475, ZX500, M100



3 Phoenix Gold ZPA 0.3, ZPA 0.5


1 Soundstream D100, D200, A100, Class A 3.0, Ref 500, Ref 700



2 Soundstream Class A 6.0, Class A 10.0, Reference 405



3 Soundstream Reference 705, Continuum



3 Soundstream Rubicon 604 Gold



Prices according to nearest Genesis model

1 Orion D2400. Inc new rail capacitors


2 Orion D5000, 25001(red), 2500D(silver)


1 Kicker ZX 2 Channel


2 Kicker ZX 4/5 Channel


Return shipping is included in these prices. Note: prices do not include cost of shipping to The Amp Doctor.

1 Year RTB warranty* applies to all services to non Genesis amplifiers. It doesn’t cover damage caused by installation faults. (*3 months for SPL Amps)

Amplifiers are returned with a test certificate and service report.

Genesis amps are polished / cleaned and returned in new factory packaging according to service level request.

Other brands are cleaned and buffed as appropriate and packed securely.

We aren’t currently VAT registered so prices are net, payable before dispatch.