We provide a comprehensive 12 month warranty*, not just on the parts we fit but also the functioning of the whole amp. This gives you peace of mind that the amp will function reliably for at least the next 12 months and likely well beyond this.

Our guiding philosophy is to carry out any work to your amplifier in a thorough and comprehensive way that will ensure it serves you reliably, or in other words, do it right the first time. Our warranty is your assurance that we will do this, but if for some reason the amp fails within this period then we will repair it for you free of charge.

*Warranty reduced to 3 months for SPL amplifiers.

What We Cover

  • Materials and labour to get your amplifier working again should any fault arise within 12 months* of the dispatch date. If the amp has failed within the warranty period, we will pay for the parts and time to get it working again. *3 months for SPL amps
  • The cost of returning the amp to you by courier. We use UPS for UK shipments, so you usually have your amp back the day after we have sent it.
  • Fast turn-a-round. Warranty amps ‘jump the queue’, as if it isn’t your fault, we don’t see why you should have to wait 2 weeks to get it resolved.

What We Don’t Cover

  • If the security labels have been removed or damaged in a way that indicates someone has accessed the amplifier internals the warranty becomes void. Should the amplifier appear to stop working, contact us so we can isolate the fault for you. Most times it’s something else that’s given up, most often a faulty or blown fuse. Opening the amp up to see what is wrong voids the warranty immediately.
  • Mechanical damage to the amplifier or connectors that causes the amplifier to stop functioning, such as that sustained in a car accident or other severe damage that would not be covered under the original manufacturer warranty. Secure mounting of the amplifier should minimise damage if the worst should happen. And if some lowlife tries to steal your pride and joy, but damages the amp while unsuccessfully liberating it from your car, we will do what we can to sort it out at a cost that won’t break the bank.
  • Reverse connection or connecting the amp in such a way that the internal protection circuits or fuses can’t protect the amp. Blowing earth tracks or components because you were in an hurry to get the amp back in and didn’t connect it correctly / isolate the power wire / dropped an allen key across the terminals is I’m afraid down to you.
  • The cost of returning the amplifier to The Amp Doctor Ltd. This warranty is a RTB (return to base) warranty, as we don’t have a facility for remote collections.